AIfE  (African Institute for Entrepreneurship) is a
non-profit research and thought leadership organisation established to focus on the entrepreneurship opportunities of new industries and technology on a broad strategic basis.
AIfE has developed a rich research and analytical methodology, based on the collective 85 years’ experience of its founding partners, to create an African- based organisation that provides analytical studies, thought leadership sessions, and ecosystem facilitation workshops to support entrepreneurship in Africa.
Thought Leadership Sessions
AIfE brings together associates, partners, and affiliates from throughout the continent and facilitates thought leadership discussions, with a special focus on how the intersection between government, private sector and entrepreneurs can best capture the opportunities in these new industries.
Ecosystem Facilitation
AIfE employs an ecosystem approach to combine various stakeholders, including industry experts, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, government departments, business practitioners, business institutions and others, into a framework that seeks to remove barriers and find solutions to help industries maximise global opportunities.
Publications and Case Studies
AIfE offers the full capability of members with over 20 years’ experience in high- level analytical case studies and publications with a focus on entrepreneurship and ecosystem development.
Entrepreneurship Initiatives
AIfE supports and provides a platform for entrepreneurs with tested and new marketing solutions that will help drive entrepreneurship in Africa.
The vision of AIfE is to be the Premier Institute for entrepreneurship in Africa and the best source of entrepreneur resources on the continent, developing long-term relationships and ecosystem, and providing thought leadership in entrepreneurship.
The mission of the institute is to address the gap in entrepreneurship development by developing comprehensive institutional solutions and methodologies around ecosystems and thought leadership that translate into actionable insights and plans to create real benefits in growing entrepreneurs.

Our Work

The 2021/2022 The Drone Industry in South Africa: The Potential of the Unmanned
Aviation Industry publication examines the enablers and barriers in the industry and
provides a broad perspective on drone industry ecosystem development that brings
together stakeholders in the development of new technologies and new industries for South Africa.
The 2022 South Africa UTM, The Future Drone Tech Evolution, a South African UTM
Position Paper Perspective is a collaboration between AIfE and the SA Innovation Summit (SAIS), along with 10 drone and aviation experts. This position paper has led to the formation of a working group for a drone corridor in South Africa.

The 2023 Women in Tech: Voices of women
entrepreneurs in tech is a collaboration between AIfE, SAIS and female venture
builder Akopo Labs. This publication highlights issues faced by women in tech and provides solutions that work for entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

AIFE Board Members

Tamiko Sher
Co-founder and Executive Director, AIfE.
Dr. Jabulile Msimango-Galawe
Co-founder and Board Chair, AIfE.
Dr. Tsiliso Tamasane
Co-founder, AIfE
Paulo Coelho 
Co-founder, AIfE 

Advisory Panel

Sybil Kekana
Advisory Panel 
Karen Eloise Pinheiro
Advisory Panel 
Richard Humphries
Advisory Panel
Phelisa Nkomo
Advisory Panel 
Guy Harris
Advisory Panel 

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